Traveling head cutting press machine

Traveling head cutting press machine is also known as traveling head cutting machine .It have the traveling head .The traveling head can be moved left and right for die cutting .

Traveling head cutting press machine
Traveling head cutting press machine

1.Traveling head cutting machine is widely used in many industry and cutting out many material such as leather, fabric, foam, EVA, rubber gasket, plastic etc) by cutting die.t can be used for cutting gasket, shoes, gloves, balls, bags, sand paper, carpet, toys industries etc.

2.The traveling head cutting machine adopts a walking cutting head frame and the operation is very easy ,there have manual feed and automatic feed for choice.
3 The traveling head cutting machine setting cutting point is easy and effective.By manual feed,it is
operated by two-hand is very safe when doing cutting.
4. The motion cutting is controlled by the cross switch and the travel switch to ensure safety.
5. Motion cutting can be automatically moved to improve work efficiency.

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Model GRM(A)-25,30,40,50,60,80,100,150,200
Max Cutting Force 25 to 200 tons
Cutting table Widths 1800~2500mm or more

Gerson can make the cutting machine according to your specifical requirement :such as cutting force power,worktable size,motor,etc.,

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