silicone rubber traveling head Punching press equipment

silicone rubber traveling head Punching press equipment is the custom and standard die cutting machinery for punching the material ,it is very strong and enough machinery that could meet your requirement,if not ,we could custom build,please contact us at any time.

silicone rubber traveling head Punching press equipment

Hydraulic, manual simple operated, semi-finished material precision 0.01mm, no burned.

The microcomrepositioner control system can perform multiple sets of memory storage according to the knife mold shape required for the work. When replacing the die knife mold, it is no longer necessary to re-set the die knife mold.

These die-cutting machine utilize high standing material such as ideal steel component for the purpose that should be sure this machinery has long time service.

Up/down stamping travel adapts four top-rigidity guide poles, with linear rail designed for the feeding material.

designed for the semi-finished material having different characteristics to achieve automatic machining for the soft semi-finished materials.

Do you have any question ,please contact us by email or the inquiry form.we could reply you as soon as possible,normal is very quickly

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