shoulder pads cutting press machine in Fiji

shoulder pads cutting press machine in Fiji is the popular die cutting equipments made by Gerosn factory which have 30 years experience .And can be for cutting out many material and products to meet your requirement.

shoulder pads cutting press machine in Fiji

The equipment operate simply and very easy, we will make EVA foam sheet flat mateial with mold to working in the eva foam mats punching equipment. it will help us generate the custom foam component correctly and quickly.

It is also maked in for punching out the  EPE foammanufacturing industry, sponge production plants, carpet manufacturing industry, plastics small or big factory, handicraft small or big factory, embroidery industry, paper manufacturing facility, puzzles and model production plants, sports equipment small or big factory, electronics industry, automobile production plants, and other light industrial industry.

High speed mult-axis servo control system, increases efficiency. High standard CCD positioning system, fast operatingand good accuracy.

Uper glue compound machinery for sponge, cloth, EVA, human leather, non – woven fabric.

We can apply the equipment according to peopler specificorder ,such as the color,the motor information ,the working table etc.

Please contact us immediately once you need the production information or requirement or need the price.

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shoulder pads cutting press machine in Fiji
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