sheet feed cutting press machine for PVC,PP,PS,

sheet feed cutting press machine for PVC,PP,PS, is Gerson cutting equipment for punching or stamping most soft, semi-rigid material and soft material for industry application and other using if you need it.

sheet feed cutting press machine for PVC,PP,PS,

Automatic Non Woven Products Textile Fabric Glue Point Transfer Laminating die cutting Equipment Machine

This kind of stamping machine work with die knifes,We could manufacture die tool knifes for people.

When the swing beam contacts the stamping die mold, it semi and full autoamtically cuts slowly, for the purpose that there is no dimensional error between the uppermost single or several layers and the lowermost many layers of the punching semi-finished material.

Products of special specifications can be specially designed and produced according to custom buildinger requirements.

Custom Die Cutting Dies Molds Moulds or Knife for Clicker Press Machine

The cutting head can automatically move horizontally, with excellent to handlevisual field and safe to operate.

If you want to know more information or further question related our products ,welcome to contact us at any time.

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