seals gasket punch press machine in Djibouti

seals gasket punch press machine in Djibouti is the punching machienry for cutting out most soft and semi-igid material even the rigid material including leather ,fabric,rubber,plastc,cork,alu film ,pvc ,abs sheet etc.,welcome to contact us .

seals gasket punch press machine in Djibouti

Push Plate Feeding Type Hydraulic Cutting Press…

die knife mold die-cutting machine pressure 150Ton,Cut raw material by die molds/ mould.

Special PU circular conveyorbelt with back rubber rollingauto-feeding mechanism & continuous cutting-out device, it can improve the stamping efficiency.

The punch head can semi and full autoamtically move horizontally, with excellent operationvisual field and safe and reliable operating

It is provided with the semi-auto and fully auto stepping type feeding mechanism, which is suitable for feeding rolled materials of multiple single layer and multilayerss and realize preclse feeding.The feeding material length can be conveniently set on the comrepositioner.

This machine which could be adjusted to full-cut or semi-cut model features a rapid speed in setup.

Please contact us immediately once you need the production information or requirement or need the price.

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