PVC football die mould press machine in South Africa

PVC Footbal die mould press machine in South Africa is the punching equipment build by Gerson which have more than 30 years rich experience in cutting and fully making machinery that we believe can help you to build the right machinery for your prouction.

PVC football die mould press machine in South Africa

Automatic cutter adjusting mechanism could perform semi-automatic and fully automatic adjustment according to the desired setting, providing 0.01mm accuracy (0.001mm optional).

We are a producer, and the price is favorable.

The die knife mold cutting-out machine manufacture various working modes for example inching, manual and semi-automatic and fully automatic etc. The operators need only to collect the products, with labor intensity reduced and work efficiency enhanced.

Fold the package into the bag, with the words and specifications of military Mosaic camouflage net printed on the package.

With special setting mechanism,and in conjunction with die mold cutter and diecut depth setting,the travel adjustment is simple and accurate.

If you are interested in any machinery ,please contact us immediately.

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