Precise four-column clicker press

Precise four-column clicker press is four post hydraulic press machine manufactured by Gerson machinery.It is also know as four column beam press ,It can die cutting sheet and roll material .

Precise four-column clicker press
Precise four-column clicker press

1.It is four column with double cylinder ,auto-balance all make sure the high precise cutting performance for your die cutting material.
2.Precise four-column clicker press will be Slow down when the cutting die touches material, to confirm the precision for the die cutting .
3. The die Cutting Machine is applicable to continuous and large-batch cutting of nonmetal materials such as fabric leather, carpet, rubber, film, foam,cloth, ponge,shoes,suitcases,seat covers,facial mask,plastic ,soft toys,artificial flowers, bags,cardboard ,plywood,EPE,EVA,blister etc.
4.the die cutting machine with for column can die cut in large-scale factories by die cutter mold ,so that can cut out irregular shape of the cutting. .the cutting die mold is also can built by Gerson machinery.
5. all machinery can be custom built by Gerson.

Model GRB(A)-40 GRB(A)-50/660 GRB(A)-80/100 GRB(A)-150/200 GRB(A)-300/400/500
Max Cutting Force(KN) 400 500/600 800/1000 1500/2000 3000/4000/500
Stroke(mm) 50-200 50-200 50-200 50-200 50-200
Cutting Area(mm) 610,800,900,1000,1500,1600.1800,2000,2200,2500×(1400,1600,1800,2000)
Motor Power 3kw 4kw/5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 22kw
Weight(kg) 2500 4000/6000 7300/9000 13800/16000 25000/31000

The above data sheet is  for your ference.Gerson can customized build all the die cutting machine.

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