ppe sheet punch press machine manufacturer price

ppe sheet punch press machine manufacturer price is Gerson cutting equipment for punching or stamping PPE/PS/PP/ sheet and any other plastic sheet .it is also can die cut most soft, semi-rigid material and soft material for industry application and other using if you need it.

ppe sheet punch press machine manufacturer price

This type is mainly used the composite all kinds of films (PU/TPU /PE/PTFE etc) and different fabrics .Also it is used in different fabrics and fabrics which are wide range ofly applied in lots of fields .


Wth touching screen, to set and micro-adjust working pressure,controllinged by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) cutting-out depth, feeding mechanism speed easier, faster and more precise.

PP PS PPE sheet die tool knife die-cutting machine is a machine that is suitable for cutting-out any shapes including irregular shapes out of rolls of non steel soft semi-finished material, for example fabric, rubber, cork, cardboard, or leather, using a steel tool called a die knife mold. Click presses are widely adaptd in the produce shoes, wallets, gaskets and saddler, and so on,

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