paper cardboard price die cutting machine hydraulic press

paper cardboard price die cutting machine hydraulic press is Gerson cutting equipment for punching or stamping most soft, semi-rigid material and soft material for industry application and other using if you need it.

paper cardboard price die cutting machine hydraulic press

Functionally speaking, in addition to cutting, but also bronzing function, said to do hot punching diecut equipment, some with semi-auto and fully auto cleaning function, said to do clean cutting-out machinery.

The our company swing beam cutting pressis using stamping soft and semi-hard materil for example jig-saw puzzles ,shoes insoles,lampshades etc.,

High speed and low energy exhaust consumption.

Variations on the basic press design include a wide range of raw material delivery systems, whether for kiss die-cutting to a support liner, through-stamping, or for keeping parts in the web for further processing.

It is an high choice for such industries as garments, luggage and baggage, shoes and caps.

Double oil cylinders,precision four-column auto-balancing link structure, which can make sure uniform punching depth of each cutting position.

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