manual feed hydraulic cutting machine for plastic parts trays

manual feed hydraulic cutting machine for plastic parts trays is the special die cutting equipment for punching out the materil from soft to rigid depending on your request,if you could not find the right model ,we could recommend the machienry for your production.

manual feed hydraulic cutting machine for plastic parts trays

The computer could semi and full autoamtically control the transverse movement distance and the rotary angle of diecut head and the feeding distance by clip and belt . The equipment have special cutting modes such as semi and full autoamtic stagger, stagger blade reducing and knife mold cutter rotation, which can reduce consumption and save raw materials.

Footwear parts – shoes, insoles, insole socks, uppers, straps

 It is suitable for directly die-cutting single many layers or multi-single layer and multilayers of leather, rubber, felt, fabric, nylon, textile, carpet, cleaning supplies .

Plastic Nylon PP Die Cutting Boards Cutter for…

The die knife mold cutting equipment is mainly suitable for cutting-out various soft and semi-rigid materil, including the sponge , Clothing Leather Material,Pu Clothing Material, rubber, plastic, foam and so on. It is most typesly utilized in toy industry, footwear manufacturing industry, leather small or big factory, etc.

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