manual feed cutting machine equipment for seals gasket

manual feed cutting machine equipment for seals gasket is build by our factory which have 30 years experience for cutting solution,no matter what you have problem with cutting ,we all can solve these problems to help you to find good solution.

manual feed cutting machine equipment for seals gasket

so that make sure there is no size error between the uppermost single layer or many layers and lowermost multi-layers of cut semi-finished materials.

These punching machine use top condition material such as good hydraulic components so that make certain this equipment has long service.

Rotary punching is mainly adaptd for big volume semi-finished material diecut. Rotary stamping is suitable for soft to semi-rigid semi-finished materials, and the raw material is pressed into a cylindrical die mold and a cylindrical anvil to achieve stamping between the blades. This form is often used for liner cutting.

Becautilize of the good balance of the die knife, the loss of blade and diecut board can be reduced, the stamping edge supply a better effect, it can reduce the cutting plate‘s consumption and the damage of the die tool.

This rocking arm rotating arm cutting machine is suitable for leather, plastic, leather bags, Toys, foaming sheet materials, floosemicircle materials, cork .

Hydraulic Manual Swing Arm Beam Shoe Die Cutting P…

If you are intersted in our machinery ,please send us emial or contact us online ,we will reply you immediately.

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