Insulation sheet cutting press machine in Lithuania

Insulation sheet cutting press machine in Lithuania is one of cutting equipment designed by Gerson ,and these machinery is very popular used in many industry and for cutting out many material including leather ,textile,rubber ,plastic,cork,wood,film etc.,

Insulation sheet cutting press machine in Lithuania

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And then drive four pairs of elbow to exercise, its high-speed work to reach 6000 per hour, if not best lubrication and cooling is very troublesome.

Stack the push and pull plate,ppplate, workpiece and tool die knife in the middle of the workbench in sequence.

The central oil has semi-auto and fully auto lubricating system prolongs the machinery service life and make certains cutting-out precision.

Servo motor applys accurate feeding mechanism possible and controls horizontal movement and rotation of the die-cutting head. Multimulti-layerss of semi-finished materials could be clamped by the cylinder for stepping feeding. Other feeding mechanism solutions are also available on request.

Photoelectric Material Flexibility�� Uses as the dedicated moving system according to the material characteristics.

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