HVAC die punching press sale price

HVAC die punching press sale price is the punching machienry for cutting out most soft and semi-igid material even the rigid material including leather ,fabric,rubber,plastc,cork,alu film ,pvc ,abs sheet etc.,welcome to contact us .

HVAC die punching press sale price

Powered by steel system, slow down when the stamping die knife touches raw material, to confirm the precision between upper and bottom for thick materials.

A class is specialized in carton box packaging large-scale punching equipment, another category is utilized for precision electronic punching products stamping machine.

Hydraulic Manual Swing Arm Beam Shoe Die Cutting Press Machine

> ContentDevelopment status of stamping toolsJul 1

This travelling head press machine is suitable for stamping to manipulates of non-metallic materials including leather, plastic, nylon cloth, cardboard, foam and synthetic fiber in various industries.

If you have any further ifnormation or question ,please feel free to send us inquiry or contact us.

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