HIPS sheet hydraulic punching press manufcturing sales price

HIPS sheet hydraulic punching press manufcturing sales price is build by our factory which have 30 years experience for cutting solution,no matter what you have problem with cutting ,we all can solve these problems to help you to find good solution.

HIPS sheet hydraulic punching press manufcturing sales price

According to the cutting motion mode and the corresponding blade shape, the tool can be divided into three categories.

This steel die knife mold cutting machne are applyd for punching panel many shapes including irregular from the leather or PU raw materials.

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High precise: The pressing board of die-cutting carries out slow cutting-out when it contacts the die tool cutter,which can use that there is no size error between the uppermost single or multiple layers and lowermost many layers of cut semi-finished materials

The die-cutting depth is equipped with a protective device to make certain that the conveyor belt will not be cut or cut dudiamond cutting, and the service life of the conveyor belt is prolonged.

These equipment is very simple to manipulate by operating hand and two operators hand to operate make sure assurance.

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