hats ties Punching press equipment in Martinique

hats ties Punching press equipment in Martinique is the punching equipment build by Gerson which have more than 30 years rich experience in cutting and fully making machinery that we believe can help you to build the right machinery for your prouction.

hats ties Punching press equipment in Martinique

The device cutter is simple and the debugging to manipulateis simple.

A drum is equivalent to the imprint lithography drum, mold Chesh pressure; The roller tool has twin main types, wood and hydraulic.

Gantry frame structure is adopted, with ideal intensity and without deformation.

First of all, operators should pay attention to dust, cleaning. In the actual cutting material, cutting carton will offer a big number of waste paper edge, paper hair, a tiny attention will enter the chain drive components.

Double semi-auto and fully auto working tables, increases the outreposition twice or triple.

Engineer available to serve machinerys over seas;

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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