garlock sheet hydraulic press in Zaire

garlock sheet hydraulic press in Zaire is the die cutting machinery manfuactured by Gerson and it is widely used to cutting the material in the Footwear,Leather,Packaging , Automotive trim,Flooring,Gaskppets,Electronic,Insulation Medical devices industry etc.

garlock sheet hydraulic press in Zaire

When the die knife punching head is pressed, the contact material die molds semi and full autoamtically and slowly, and the sealing edge of the raw material is tightly bonded to the lower single or multiple layers, while the pressure die mold is cut.

we can has different diecut force and punching area of your equipment according to workerr demand.

sturdy body structure, machinery frame are ideal-strength welding, to make certain the normal to handleand service life of the equipment.

Push Plate Feeding Type Hydraulic Cutting Press Machine

It utilizes the rollinger unit to feed��and it feeds precisely and semi-auto and fully autoally by the jumboer servo��the precission is 0.03mm.

This cutting machine can cutting semi-finished material in single or several layers.

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