dust-proof net die cutting machine punching equipment manufacturer price

dust-proof net die cutting machine punching equipment manufacturer price is the punching machienry for cutting out most soft and semi-igid material even the rigid material including leather ,fabric,rubber,plastc,cork,alu film ,pvc ,abs sheet etc.,welcome to contact us .

dust-proof net die cutting machine punching equipment manufacturer price

The central oil offer automatic lubricating system make certains machine precision and prolongs service life of machine.

using for a proper diecut board will prolong the die-cutting die knife mold performance, using for an in proper die-cutting board will reduce the tool life, a replacement tool or re-sharpening will be required often.

sound identification: if the steel oil cylinder in to manipulatein the process of the whole hydraulic system has hugeger, intermittent sound and vibration of the main oil pump at the same time sends out the “buzzing” noise, appear even the phenomenon of piston rod “crawl”, then observe the tank liquid level, oil pipe exports or transparent liquid level meter, will find a lot of bubbles. This indicates that the steel oil manufacture been immersed in a big amount of air in order to stabilize the work of the steel diecut equipment. You has to change the metal oil; Keep it at its ideal!

Travel Head Cutting Machine of special specifications can be custom built.

The Gerson company machine stamping machinery is applicable for cutting nonsteel sheet flat mateial or rollmaterial including the pattern books,packaging ,car carpets etc.,

Imported hydraulic parts and electrical component are using should be sure the stability and accuracy of the machine.

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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