china hydraulic die cutting machine punch press in Spain

china hydraulic die cutting machine punch press in Spain is the cutting equipment made by Gerson and used in most material :leather,fabric,rubber,cork,EPE,EVA,PS,plastic,foam,wood ,alu film,composite etc.,custom built welcome to contact us .

china hydraulic die cutting machine punch press in Spain

 When using for a clicker press a cutting board must be used with a cutting knife mold, this is usually manufactured from a soft cutting surface, commonly used is polypropylene.

PLC touch screen program control, it offer two kinds of diecut die knife setting mode (semi and full autoamtic and manual) tochoose for cutting-out.

The pressing board carries out slow stamping when it presses downward to contact the die knife cutter,which can utilize that there is no size error between the uppermost single layer and multilayers and lowermost multi-layers of cut raw materials.

Servo motor utilizes accurate feeding possible and controls horizontal movement and rotation of the diecut head. Multilayers of sheet flat mateials can be cut by Sliding table feeding mechanism. Other feeding solutions are also available on request.

can be equipped with single-sided and two-sided semi-automatic and fully automatic feeding mechanism system according to needs, the production efficiency is increased by double to three times.

The photos of steel purchasemente cutting machinery backpack fabric die knife die-cutting machine

If you are intersted in our machinery ,please send us emial or contact us online ,we will reply you immediately.

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