chappal shoes cutting machine in India

chappal shoes cutting machine in India  is the machinery that developed by Gerson and we could custom built the cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production which for making the material such as leather,fabric,rubber,plastic,foam,composite etc.,

chappal shoes cutting machine in India

This die cutting machine is for hand operated for cutting chappal shoes,please contact us if you are interested in.

We have many other machines for chappal shoes if you are interested in.

welcome to contact us at any time.

For automic die cutitng machine :It is the unwinding system can be designed based on customizeders requirement. Automatic feeding flat material table table supports semi-finished materials in sheet board, and rollunwinding system supports raw materials in roll;

So that the shape of the material is no longer limited to the straight side right angle. Traditional die-cutting tool according to product design requirements of the pattern .

Applied to the processing and cutting operationto polarizer, diffusion sheet board, prism sheet board, laminated copper foil, aluminum foil, photonic raw material,

The machine is using for whole-broken or semi-broken to handleof various nonhydraulic slices materials by die knife cutter such as. such industries as plastics packing, pearl…

The rocker-bogied die-cuttinghead usesworker to have top view ��good convenience of selecting feeding device while working��and it is full of pressure��it can work on any soft semi-finished material. ��

Cutting tools could be divided into five types according to the form of workpiece processing surface:

If you are interested in any machinery ,please contact us immediately.

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