belt feed cutting press machine for polyvinyl chloride

belt feed cutting press machine for polyvinyl chloride is the best seller machinery that sold by Gerson brand ,and these machinery is usded recent high tech to meet your prodcution requirement,contact us immediately.

belt feed cutting press machine for polyvinyl chloride

die knife mold cutting-out on the PP plastic board does not hurt when the blade, the finished edge effect is ideal.

microcomrelocateer control system, die tool depth setting and rising stroke, all touch on the screen, greatly improve pressure stability, also has self-monitodiamond function, very easy and fast to handle.

The Gerson company machine diecut equipment is using for punching nonmetal materials including the stationery products ,Disposables pads,inserts etc.,

CE certified condition with competitive price in kuntai high class level.

Indentation process is the use of crimping knife or die tool knife, through the power on the plate material on the indentation, or the use of roll wheel on the sheet material to jumbothe line marks,

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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