automatic feed hydraulic press for plastic packaging trays

automatic feed hydraulic press for plastic packaging trays is the custom and standard die cutting machinery for punching the material ,it is very strong and enough machinery that could meet your requirement,if not ,we could custom build,please contact us at any time.

automatic feed hydraulic press for plastic packaging trays

Die cutting-out leather, foam, EVA, sponge, plastic sheet material ect.

referred to as diecut. The main process of cutting indentation is as follows: on-board → adjust pressure → determine rules → paste substrate accessories → test cutting → formal cutting-out indentation → clear waste → finished product rewinding or diecut sheet flat mateials → point packaging.

These turning arm cutting machine has material table and the upper plate to be custom built on request..

The distance of stamping head and feeding mechanism length could be accurately set, which supply solved the problem of inaccurate feeding and layecircle length of multione layer or several layers materials.

 Can be based on the work required for the mold mode for multiple memory storage, change the die mould knife, operator can no longer re-set the knife mode.

If you have any further ifnormation or question ,please feel free to send us inquiry or contact us.

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