automatic feed hydraulic press for Aerospace sheet

automatic feed hydraulic press for Aerospace sheet is the popular die cutting equipments made by Gerosn factory which have 30 years experience .And can be for cutting out many material and products to meet your requirement.

automatic feed hydraulic press for Aerospace sheet

Patented Bottom Dead-Point Mechanism��Patented Bottom Dead-Point Mechanism exclusively developed by Gerson company is adopted to achieve +/-0.005 of accuracy reproducibility.

Combined into diecut version, under the capability of pressure, print or other plate-shaped blanks are cut into the desired shape or cut the molding process.

Adhesive Products: for a variety of electronics: Electrical Special Rubber pads, silicone stickers, magic stickers, conductive adhesive, strong double-sided adhesive,

2)Cutting area choice depends on peopler material size.

After cutting-out, it outrelocates from the other side to ensure high feeding device and smooth to operate.

Servo motor is adopted for the rotating travel head in order that its movement distance is precisely the same as what is preset. The travel head rotates to utilize the most of the materials.

Please contact us at any time if you are interested in our products.we wil send more information and we could build the custom machinery to meet your requirement.

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