Acetal Copolymer 35T punch press machine

Acetal Copolymer 35T punch press machine is the machinery that developed by Gerson and we could custom built the cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production which for making the material such as leather,fabric,rubber,plastic,foam,composite etc.,

Acetal Copolymer 35T punch press machine

The substrate is no tensile and soft in the process of composite , so the operating hand feeling is good .

Lampshades �C fabric or plastic, with or without cut outs,Clothing �C component for hats, ties, collars, shoulder pads,Cork gaskets and mats etc.,

(3). Double-click the green button for trial cutting. Thedie-cuttingdepth is controllinged bydepth control button..

Hydraulicprecisiontatami mats clicker press machine

When die-cutting the environmental protection raw material OPS,EPE,PET,ABS��it will not has the eage burr. It is also without the phenomenon that the powder clings to the box when cutting the food box.

Composite fabrics also has the advantages of dry cleaning, sand washing and washing. It is especially suitable for the composition of thin fabrics.

If you are interested in any machinery ,please contact us immediately.

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