80T punch press machine in Grenada

80T punch press machine in Grenada is the punching equipment build by Gerson which have more than 30 years rich experience in cutting and fully making machinery that we believe can help you to build the right machinery for your prouction.

80T punch press machine in Grenada

It is suitable for cloth rolling and punching for various straight stripes and 45 °diagonal stripes.

Processing a variety of external surface diecut tools, including lathe knives, projecter, milling cutter, external surface broach and file, etc.

The machinery is provided with semi-auto and fully auto diecut depth adjustment device to should be sure the die-cutting precision.

diecut belong the moving platform and some of the rotating part, and may block the photoelectric detection of the first standing, caapplicable for failure.

this equipment is characterized with highly stable cutting accuracy that applys 100% of yield for finished product.

If you are intersted in our machinery ,please send us emial or contact us online ,we will reply you immediately.

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