60T die cutting machine in Korea

60T die cutting machine in Korea is build by our factory which have 30 years experience for cutting solution,no matter what you have problem with cutting ,we all can solve these problems to help you to find good solution.

60T die cutting machine in Korea

When stamping the environmental safeguard material OPS,EPE,PET,ABS��it will not has the eage burr.

Plastics �C PVC binders, lampshades, stationery products, gifts, novelties, gaskets

Tool working belong the structure of the whole, welding and mechanical clamping type three:

Engineer available to serve machines over seas;Email and calling service in working hour; 24 hours door to door in domestic.

If you want to learn more information about adhesive die cutting equipment, please contact our sales manager.

The main products with the brand of Gerson machinery include metal rocking arm punching machine, semi-auto and fully auto traveling head stamping machine,precision four-column steel purchasemente cutting machine, semi-auto and fully auto receding head PLC projecte stamping machine, single & twin side semi and full autoamtic feeding steel projecte stamping equipment, Semi-diecut machineand metal mattress hole die-cutting machine and etc.,

If you want to know more information or further question related our products ,welcome to contact us at any time.

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