3m sheet Punching press equipment manufacturer price

3m sheet Punching press equipment manufacturer price is the die cutting press machinery for your production job,Gerson could do custom build and manufacture the machinery based on your request.

3m sheet Punching press equipment manufacturer price

Products of special specifications could be custom building.Optional: cutting board micro-movement device.

Cutting depth could be precisely set up to a tolerance of 0.008 mm.

When applicable for a clicking press a cutting board must be maked with a punching die tool, using a proper punching board will prolong the stamping die mould knife action,

on the die mould knife to cut through the material, once the head reaches the have retracted you will have the desired shape.

The Double cylinder and Precise four column connect semi-automatic and fully automatically and balancedly��and it guarantees that the each depth of the cutting is ��0.2mm

The our company die cutting press is using cutting nonsteel sheet board or jumboraw material for example Heat Shielding,Windshield dam,hats ties etc.,

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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