25 ton traveling head cutting machine

25 ton traveling head cutting machine is 25T traveling head cutting machine manufactured by Gerson .You could see the below specification:

Number:GRM-25 25T traveling head cutting machine.
Typ:  Traveling Tead  Die Cutting Machine GRM model
Manufacturer: Gerson

Table size: 1600mmx500,1600mmx600mm or up to 2250 x 750 mm
Cutting force:250 kN, 25 ton ,(other cutting pressure is also availble )
Cutting stroke:20 – 120 mm
Traveling head lateral speed:800 mm/s
Punching speed:80 mm/s
Retracting speed:150 mm/s
Cutting platen size: 500x500mm,600×600,650 x 650 mm
Motor:AC Motor 2,2 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz
Electric controls:PLC Siemens S5

It is good for cutting out the material including :nature leather,PU ,artificial leather ,fabric fibre,composite,,cloth,rubber ,plastic sheet,ABS,PE,EPE,XPE ,thin sheet metal ,foam ,sponge ,paper ,paperboard,cork sheet ,cardboard etc.,

Gerson can aceept any custom build die cutting press machine for your production ,welcome to contact us for futher information. T

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