22T 27T swing arm die cutting machine

22T 27T swing arm die cutting machine is swing arm cutting machine with cutting die .The cutting die can be made by Gerson .Gerson have own die manufacturing trained and skilled workers .

22T 27T swing arm die cutting machine
22T 27T swing arm die cutting machine

1.Having the route of travel sets the organization the high and low-pressure dint knife mold adjusts, operating in brief, accurate, fast, shake the arm relaxed.
2.It’s accurate to operate with electronic time-delay circuit control, accurate.
3.It’s easy,simple and safe to adjust the height of working stable by hand wheel  with a high cutting speed.
4.There is little noise,no pollution ang low consumption when using the machine.
5.All Gerson swing arm clicker press can be custom built.

It applies to the shaping and the cutting of one layer or several layers of the materials such as leather, rubber,nylon, cardborard,paper carton,cloth and so on.

Basic info:

Model GRA-220 GRA-270 GRA-270L GRA-270K
Max. Cutting Force 200KN 270KN 270KN 270KN
Area of working table(mm) 900*430 1000*500 1000*500 1000*500
Swaying arm width(mm) 370 370 500 610
Cutting travel(mm) 90 90 90 90
Motor power 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.1kw 1.1kw
Machine dimensions(mm) 900*820*1400 1000*1020*1410 1000*1020*1410 1000*1020*1410
Packing size(mm) 1050*1000*1500 1150*1200*1500 1150*1200*1500 1150*1200*1500
Net weight (with oil) 650kg 960kg 1050kg 1200kg
Gross weight 740kg 1120kg 1210kg 1360kg


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