100T rubber sheet die cutting machine

100T rubber sheet die cutting machine is die cutting machine for cutting out the rubber sheet .The cutting force 100 ton can be adjusted and meet the requirement for cutting .It is also have more bigger than 100 ton cutting press.

100T rubber sheet die cutting machine
100T rubber sheet die cutting machine

1.Gerson also can die cut any shapes and size .The shapes and sizes can be custom built .

2.It is also cutting for any other material such as plastic ,leather ,rubber ,foam ,epe ,eva ,paper ,cardboad etc.,

3.100T is cutting pressure when cutting the material .It is also have any other cutting pressure from small size and big cutting pressure.

4.It is precision four-post self auto-balancing linkage guarantees the same cutting depth of each cutting position.

5.it can be automatic feed the material or manual feed material in sheet or roll material depending on your production.

6.Custom built welcome .No extra fees.

Max cutting force(Ton)25Ton30Ton35 Ton,40 Ton50 Ton60 Ton80 Ton100 Ton150Tons,200Tons300Tons,400Tons.500Tons or more
Distance betweenupper press board andworktable(mm)50-18050-24050-24050-24050-24050-24050-24050-240
Cutting area(mm)1250×5001250×600
Motor power1.5KW3KW4KW5.5KW7.5KW7.5KW11KW22KW
Electric SupplyVoltage3 phases x440/415/400/
380/220/200V, 50/60 Hz
Machine Net weight (KG)14001700,18002800350050006500900012000
 Gerson could design and manufacture according to customer production requirement.

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