100T cutting machine

100T cutting machine is large die cutting machine manufactured by Gerson .It is 100 ton hydraulic  power pressure that can die cutting or punching out the material including :leather ,fabric ,rubber ,plastic ,thin sheet metal ,foam ,sponge ,paper ,cardboard  etc.,

100T cutting machine
100T cutting machine

1.Gerson also have the other cutting pressure from small type hydraulic press machine to big large for different using depending on your material .

2.These machine are used in many automobile upholstery,gaskets, filters, abrasives, shoe components, jigsaw puzzles, ping pong paddles, envelopes, medical supplies, packagings, shirt collars,sponges, caps, linings, Tennis ,football soccer balls,stickers, plastic floor tiles, leather goods, document files, luggages, umbrella, floor mats, carpets etc.,

3.It can be manual feed the sheet material or roll material ,Or autoamtic feed the sheet material or roll material for choice .It can be cutting several layers of the material.

4.Welcome to cotact us for further information ,Gerson accept any custom built .

Gerson Machinery: Large professional leading manufacturers and factory of various discount customized cnc die cuting machine and hydraulic press including four post hydraulic press ,travel head cutting machine,cutting press,clicker press and other other custom build machinery.

Model GRB(C)-25T to 1500T or more
Max cutting force(T) From 25 Tons to 1500 Tons
Distance between upper press board andworktable(mm) 50-240
Cutting area(mm) 1250×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 150

1470×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500

1600×600,700,800,900,1000,1200, 1500

Motor power 1.5 to 22KW
Machine Net weight (KG) 1600 to 16500

1700 to 17500

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